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1820 Settlers’ Monument Trust
Abbas A
Abdul, W
Ableman, C
Aboobaker, J
Abrahams, C
Abrahams, CA
Abrahams, L
Abrahams, M
Abrahams, R
Abrahams, SP
Abrahamse, CGA
Abrams, N
Academic Freedom Committee
Academy of Science of South Africa
Academy of Science of South Africa Agricultural Education Study
Academy of Science of South Africa Brenner Fellowship
Academy of Science of South Africa Humanities Study
Ackerman, DM
Ackermann, J
Ackermann, LM
Ackermann, LWH
Adam, JK
Adams, A
Adams, BK
Adams, EB
Adams, GN
Adams, M
Adams, MN
Adams, O
Adams, W
Adams, W
Adeleke, F
Adler, D
Adler, J
Adler, JB
Adler, JVL
Adler, T
Adler, TM
AEC OMT Yates Scholarship
Afica Ignite!
Africa Enterprise
Africa Genome Initiative
African Children’s Feeding Scheme
African Development Trust
African Fellowship Trust
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
African Land & Food Fellowship Programme
African Music & Drama Association
African Organic Farming Foundation
African Self Help Association
African Studies Institute
African Who’s Who
Africana Map Collection
Afrika Cultural Trust Centre for Creative Child Development
Afrika Tikkun
Aginsky, K
Agulhas, G
Ahlers, W
Ahmed Hassan, MI
Ahmed, K
Ahmed, S
Ainslie, C
Ainslie, S
Aitcheson, J
Aitchison, E
Aithicon, E
Akerman, D
Alberts, T
Albertyn, M
Alborough, A
Alden, C
Aldrich, C
Alexander, AC
Alexander, BM
Alexander, CM
Alexander, IA
Alexander, M
Alexander, R
Alexandra Children’s Centre
Alexandra Education Committee Bursary Programme
Alexandra Education Committee Technology Projects
Alexandra Education Committee Yates Scholarship
Alkema, L
Allagan, S
Allanson, BR
Allen, CMM
Allen, RR
Alleson, R
Allie, A
Allie, I
Allie, Y
Allie-Surve, AF
Allison, G
Alman, KL
Altenkirk, B
Amazwi Abesifazane
Ameen, F
Ameen, HM
Amla, MH
Amra, S
AMT-Abongile Fumba
AMT-Katleho Mokhoabane
AMT-Palesa Malieloa
Andayi, AW
Anderson, B
Anderson, DJ
Anderson, L
Anderson, ME
Andhee, P
Andover Newton Theological College
Andrew Hannerton Fund
Andrews, R
Anheisser, W
Anold, MJ
Antao, BR
Anthony Sampson Foundation
Anthony, C
Antonis, A
Antonissen, RK
Antrobus, L
Aphane, N
Apollo Music Trust
Apolitical Academy Foundation
Appel, S
April, L-A
Apter, R
Araikum, S
Arandse, MJ
Archer, SF
Archer, V
Arends, GAA
Arendse, M
Armstrong, D
Armstrong, L
Arndt, RR
Arnold, HMA
Arnold, MJ
Arnolt, RR
Arnott, D
Aron, J
Aron, M
Arumugam, L
Asante-Shongwe, K
Ashby, G
Asher, C
Asher, CM
Ashwal, L
Askes, H
Asmal, L
Asman C
Aspinall, S
ASSAF-Science & Maths Consensus Study
Association for Maths Education in SA
Association of Medical Students of South Africa
Association of Private Schools
Atherstone, RM
Atmore, N
Atmore, NJ
Attwell, M
Attwell, W
Atwell, M
Atwell, R
Auckland Park Preparatory School
August, KT
Augustus, BW
Augustus, E
Augustyn, WG
Auret, J
Ave, BL
Aveling, C
Axe, JR
Azzopardi, GVC