Ian grew up loving machines, making his first visits to the family’s steel wire rope factory when he was 5. Apprenticed at Haggie’s, he obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from Cambridge. Although qualified as a fighter pilot, his skill as an engineer was required by the RAF’s Repair and Service Unit in the retrieval and rebuilding of planes wrecked in the North African desert during World War ll. Taking over as Haggie’s Managing Director in 1951, he was guided by an undying belief that business went hand in hand with philanthropy, and that making a great deal of money was a pointless exercise unless you used it well for the benefit of others, amply demonstrated by his commitment to the Order of St. John, the initiation of primary health care clinics in South Africa, support for The Market Theatre and various educational programmes. He received the Bailiff Grand Cross from Queen Elizabeth ll of England, and posthumously the Order of the Grand Counsellor of the Baobab in Silver (for outstanding contribution to education, health, arts and culture and for his achievement in business in South Africa) from former South African President Thabo Mbeki.