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To fund visual and performing arts initiatives that produce uniquely South African content that inspires audiences, develops young talent, and contributes to building a vibrant and thriving sector

Arts & Culture

Celebrating South Africa through our unique arts and culture

The arts play an important role in society. Not only do they have the ability to inspire, educate and entertain, the arts have historically helped shine a light on injustice. Holding up a mirror to society to stimulate debate and mobilise citizens to drive change. The arts also play a vital role in education. By exposing children to the arts it helps to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and life skills, which in turn has positive effects on their overall wellbeing and performance at school.

At the same time, the arts are critical to promoting cultural understanding and appreciation, through connecting diverse people to share their different perspectives in unique ways. By bringing people together, they can help build community and celebrate culture. The arts can also be a driver of economic growth – by creating jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship, stimulating support for local businesses and generating revenue for the tourism industry.

We can help build South Africa as a performing arts destination of choice

Our priority areas

Exposing children to the arts

Funding organisations that support children to explore, enjoy and nurture their artistic talent and develop life skills.

Supporting creative platforms

Funding organisations such as theatres, screens, stages, festivals, exhibitions, orchestra’s that are helping showcase talent, attracting new audiences and building viability.

Creating new content

Funding organisations that develop new content that builds our cultural identity, addresses social issues and promotes South Africa’s uniqueness.

The change we hope to see

Children’s artistic talent is nurtured

Children are supported to explore, enjoy and nurture their artistic talent as the arts is seen as a viable career option.

Excellent new content is developed and South Africa’s talent is showcased internationally

South Africa’s uniqueness and cultural identity is built and promoted.  Content is inspiring and world class, while educational content drives awareness of social issues.

Various platforms are supported to showcase talent and build collaborations

New local audiences are attracted to and support visual and performing arts through theatres, screens, stages, festivals, exhibitions and orchestras. While organisational capacity is developed to build viable offerings and offer meaningful employment.

Talented artists are able to develop successful careers

Through employment opportunities, they are able to earn a livelihood in the arts.

New international audiences are created

Audiences are attracted to and support South African visual and performing arts, creating opportunities for further economic development through tourism.


Research Report

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