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We do not shy away from the reality that is South Africa.
We recognise that our country is one of the most unequal in the world, and that the current state of our education system not only reflects but reinforces this.

Every child is born with potential.

Yet 8 in 10 South Africans are held back. Those from poor socio-economic backgrounds can’t access ECD (early childhood development). And of those that can, their access is to inferior quality ECD, primary and secondary school education.

Very few make the transition to university, and less than 5 in 10 youth find employment. Perpetuating the vicious cycle where 14% of the population become highly skilled and have access to opportunities, while the majority are trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Where do we even begin? 

We embarked on an extensive research project to better understand why this picture persists. And what we could do to shift it.

We examined the deep challenges as well as possible solutions within early childhood development, basic education and higher education. And recognised the need for systemic change.

We looked to the future, analysing the broader trends and drivers that will be shaping it. Understanding that for education to succeed, we need a just and stable democracy. And that arts and culture play a crucial role in weaving together the diversity of our society.

We identified and prioritised critical areas for philanthropy to contribute to.

We need to take big steps 

If we want to influence systemic change and move the needle, we cannot sit back.
We chose the opportunity areas we believe we can influence and impact.

And set ourselves bold goals.

Nurturing young talent through exposure to the arts and supporting platforms for them
to shine. 

Arts & Culture

Building social justice and a robust democracy by supporting policy advocacy, research, and investigative journalism. 

Social Justice

Supporting exceptional talent at multiple levels to build the local academy, and influence and lead in South Africa and beyond. 

Higher Education

Improving the quality of teaching by flooding the system with 200 000 new, dynamic and highly skilled teachers by 2030.  

Basic Education

Enabling universal access by 210 000 young people becoming ECD practitioners, with
200 000 more to be employed in the sector
by 2030.  

Early Childhood

& Youth Development

What We Focus On

Higher Education

To fund and connect excellent individuals to rebuild and sustain South Africa's academic excellence, and to influence and lead in South African society and beyond.

Basic Education

To fund innovative initiatives that unlock significant and scalable improvement in foundation phase teaching through new teachers and technology.

ECD & Youth

To leverage our funding to unlock support for a sustainable ECD (early childhood development) ecosystem, driving awareness of the importance of ECD, attracting youth and building capacity so that every child has access to quality early learning.