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To fund organisations that uphold the rule of law, and promote the advancement of human rights, so that South Africa’s constitutional democracy is strengthened

Social Justice

Instability should not be our legacy

South Africa is at a very vulnerable point in our history as a young democracy. In order for individuals, organisations and society at large to thrive, we need a stable constitutional democracy and just society. There are numerous threats and issues facing our country, that if left unchecked, will continue to erode the democracy and associated freedoms that our nation has worked so hard to build.

Private philanthropy has a key responsibility to bolster the capacity of the organisations that contribute to safeguarding our constitutional democracy, judicial independence and upholding the rule of the law. Philanthropy should not only invest in the doing, but also the thinking with the latter being especially important for policy advocacy and influencing public spending.

Investigative journalism has had, and continues to have, an outsized impact at this point in time. During the state capture era, criminality and corruption flourished and many of the systems and institutions meant to hold those in power to account have been gradually eroded of capacity or deliberately dismantled and laid to waste.

The role of civil society organisations and independent media is now more important than ever. Ensuring that our civil and political rights are defended, our social and economic rights prevail, our cultural and environmental rights are advocated for and the rule of law is upheld.

We identify and support social justice organisations that are most effective at tackling issues and influencing decision-makers

Our priority areas

Fighting corruption
Tackling state capture and corruption, reinforcing the rule of law and building capacity to ensure good stewardship of public resources. We recognise that a clean and capable government is essential to deliver on the promise of a just society for all.

Free and independent media
Protecting the rights to freedom of expression, an independent media, access to information and internet freedom. Independent media and investigative journalism have a critical role to play in keeping citizens informed, in exposing corruption and in providing a platform for the open exchange of information and ideas.

Effective delivery of education
Holding government to account for delivery of effective education – the core minimum is the ability to read and write. As we believe that education is one of the most powerful mechanisms to promote social mobility and achieve a more just and equitable society.

Just energy transition
We recognise that climate change and environmental degradation are  some of the most universal threats to human development. We will support the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and initiatives that mitigate the impacts on vulnerable groups.

Zero tolerance of corruption in government, public and private organisations
Investigations are conducted and shared in the public domain, whistleblowers are protected, political meddling reduced, key justice institutions rebuilt and prosecutions successfully concluded.

Transparency and good governance become the order of the day
The capacity of state institutions is rebuilt, reinforcing good governance principles and transparency. While public sector employees act in the public interest and citizens receive the services rightfully due to them.

All South African citizens have access to accurate information
Excellent standards of independent journalism are upheld to ensure journalism is not captured. Censorship, press freedom, misinformation and disinformation are monitored and fact checked, while the judicial system ensures free and independent media.


Research Report

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